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Hello, I'm Gracie T.

Hi! I'm Gracie​,​ a passionate writer and director with a flair for both live-action and animated content. Armed with a degree in comedy writing and performance​,​ I have honed my skills at a popular children's animation studio​,​ where I thrived as an Associate Director and Writer. There​,​ I developed animated pitches​,​ wrote and directed a successful children's YouTube series​,​ and helped create engaging music videos. In addition to my professional background​,​ I have embarked on independent projects​,​ crafting music videos​,​ documentaries​,​ and feature films that range from spooky to funny. As an ADHD kid who spent math classes dreaming up crazy stories​,​ I found my true calling in filmmaking​,​ particularly animation. I have a special love for working with kids and teaching​,​ especially those who have been told they're too energetic or can't sit still. These are the very kids who often shine brightest in the creative industry​,​ and I am dedicated to helping them find and amplify their unique voices. I would love the opportunity to teach and inspire​,​ nurturing the next generation of creative minds who​,​ like me​,​ see the world through a wonderfully imaginative lens.

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