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Receive Payouts Securely via Stripe

🌐 Stripe Connect Guide

Stripe Connect Guide

Stripe is a trusted payment processor that securely transfers your earnings to your bank account. Wimzee will NOT be charging you to list your creative experience(s). For more, read https://stripe.com/customers/sharetribe.

Step 1 Before you publish your listing, we'll make sure you're ready to receive earnings securely. Stripe takes care of transferring funds to your bank account, whether it's individual or company. Your bank details remain encrypted and safe on Stripe.

Step 2 Your account details are required to tell Stripe where to send your money. After entering this information, you will be directed to Stripe to verify these details and make sure everything's secure.

Step 3 Simply follow the on-screen instructions to provide your mobile number and email. Afterward, Stripe will send you a verification code. This code is crucial for confirming your identity and ensuring security.

Step 4 Once Stripe has confirmed your personal and account details, it will request some more of your personal information. This added step is designed to make your account even more secure.

Step 5 Hit "Agree & Submit". You are all set! To make sure everything stays safe and sound, only you can access and update this info with the verification code sent to your phone each time. Go to Payout details to make any changes.


  1. Does Wimzee store my bank information? No. And, your bank details remain encrypted and safe on Stripe.

  2. How do you help prevent fraud? We have partnered with trusted providers Stripe and Sharetribe. Read https://stripe.com/customers/sharetribe for more.

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