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Our story so far

We believe in the power of creativity. At Wimzee, we're passionate about helping children reach their full creative potential. That's why we created a vibrant online marketplace where kids, parents, and instructors connect for engaging, enriching experiences. From beat-making to storyboarding, Wimzee offers a universe of creative exploration. Our platform fosters meaningful connections between learners, parents, and passionate instructors. Together, we empower families to nurture their children's creativity and build the skills they need to thrive.


Wimzee was born from a simple truth: in today's world, where STEM and test scores often dominate, fostering creativity in children is more important than ever. We believe every kid deserves the chance to explore their unique talents and passions. That's why we created a vibrant marketplace brimming with extraordinary creative experiences, led by passionate, independent instructors.

We go beyond traditional classes. Wimzee offers a world of unusual and engaging experiences, both online and in-person. Through interactive live video sessions and hands-on workshops, kids can delve into fascinating topics like beat-making, puppetry, or even skateboarding – all under the guidance of inspiring creatives.

Wimzee isn't just about fun and exploration. It's about empowering young minds to develop character, emotional intelligence, and the diverse skills they need to thrive in a changing world.

Our founder journey

The Wimzee team is led by a passionate group with a deep understanding of both creativity and childhood development. Our founders come from diverse backgrounds, including parenthood (think bedtime stories with a twist!), entertainment (from cartoons to pioneering interactive livestreams!), finance (helping dreams take flight!), and technology (building tools that spark imagination). This blend of experience ensures we're not just building a platform, but fostering a vibrant community where kids can explore their passions and unleash their inner creative genius.

Arthur Wang, Founder & CEO

Arthur Wang

Founder & CEO

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