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How we operate

Born from partnership with Parents, Learners, and Instructors

Carefully curated creative experiences

By offering carefully curated creative experiences fit for all young learners, intelligences and character strengths, we’re able to maintain a small, tight-knit community of high-quality instructors. Our goal is to build deep, multi-year relationships with all parties to provide the most efficacious creative experiences possible. In addition to conducting our own assessment of instructor bona fides when necessary, we accept third-party, mutually recognized standards to ensure that instructors are providing amazing experiences for young learners.

Using the Wimzee platform responsibly

Families are hereby notified that to find creative experiences using the Wimzee platform, all billing and payments must take place on the Wimzee platform. Families should never share their credit cards or personal information with an instructor. Under no circumstance should learners or instructors share or exchange their email, phone number, social media information, or login information to any site, nor conduct personal discussions unrelated to learning. Furthermore, learners and instructors must treat each other with respect and refrain from using profanity, foul language, insults, slurs, threats, or any negatively charged, discriminatory language or behavior. Violation of this policy will result in immediate suspension of the user from the Wimzee platform.