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Hello, I'm M'Lissa.

Hi! My name is M'Lissa. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I am a passionate​,​ energetic educator who has served in the public school system since 2005 where I’ve excelled in a variety of educational leadership positions throughout my career including: special education teacher​,​ behavior specialist​,​ school counselor​,​ and Social-Emotional Learning specialist and content​/​program developer. I am also a devoted mother​,​ daughter​,​ and advocate of individuals who face challenges in overcoming daily obstacles of mental health and developmental deficiencies. My degrees include: ~ Education Specialist Degree: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (2018) ~ Master’s Degree in Professional School Counseling (2010) ~ Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (2005) Having over 15 years experience specializing in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)​,​ I accommodate individualized and small group social skills lessons strategically designed with inventive​,​ evidence-based tools and strategies targeted to increase emotional intelligence in the following areas: ~Self- Awareness: Understanding of Oneself​,​ Self-Reflection​,​ Identifying Emotions​,​ Self-Perception​,​ Recognizing Strengths and Weaknesses​,​ Self-Confidence​,​ Self Efficacy​,​ Growth Mindset ~Self- Management: Manage and Regulate Emotions​,​ Self-Motivation​,​ Self-Discipline​,​ Goal Setting​,​ Organizational skills​,​ Impulse Control​,​ Coping Techniques ~Social-Awareness: Relating to Others​,​ Perspective​,​ Empathy​,​ Appreciating Diversity​,​ Respecting Others ~Relationship Skills: Relationship Building​,​ Communication​,​ Teamwork​,​ Social Engagement​,​ Conflict-Resolution ~Responsible Decision Making: Identifying and Solving Problems​,​ Analyzing Situations​,​ Solving Problems​,​ Evaluating​,​ Reflecting Integrating my devotion​,​ expertise​,​ and connection into each lesson​,​ I demonstrate regulation of emotions and thoughts that drive desired outcomes and behaviors​,​ achieve personal goals​,​ and ultimately minimize stress across settings with lasting results. Using a variety of interactive learning methods​,​ my mission is to empower the whole child by incorporating engaging activities into every lesson such as: - Art - Music - Creativity - Play - Role playing - Mindfulness With passion and purpose​,​ I am on an exciting​,​ new adventure to help strengthen the lives of children and families beyond the school setting; together providing awareness​,​ enthusiasm​,​ and elevation of SEL across climates and cultures to essentially promote life-skills that reinforce social​,​ emotional​,​ behavioral​,​ academic​,​ and personal growth for life-long achievement. Additional trainings​,​ certifications​,​ qualifications in SEL: ~ Applied Behavior Therapy: Registered Behavior Technician (2024) ~ Dialectical Behavior Therapy (2023) ~ Second Step SEL Certification (2022) ~ Conscious Discipline (2017) ~ TEACCH Autism Program (2016) ~ Capturing Kids’ Hearts (2015) ~ Reach MS (2015) ~ Cognitive Behavior Therapy (2010) ~ Boys’ Town Training (2008) ~ Educator’s Licensure (2005) ~ Emotional Disabilities (2018) ~ Guidance Counselor (2010) ~ Mild​/​Moderate Disabilities k-12 (2005)

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